Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Let's Try This Again...! Exciel Cast - Episode 0


I know this is the umpteenth time I've started something without finishing it such as everything I do on HPT blog and the previous video series I tried making. Well this time I'm going to try it one more time but instead of a video series (which I realized I was terrible at), I'm simply instead going to upload podcasts where I plan to talk about my experiences with im@s as well as other topics of interests in the idol/anime otaku scene.

Since I don't update this blog often anyway I think I'll mainly be using this podcast format to communicate from now on. I'm still VERY awkward in front of the mic as is plainly visible in the above video itself but I hope to improve on my speaking as a result of this. I guess I took for granted how much easier it is to talk when someone is with you like I do on HPTalk. Sorry Kuro ww

If you have any suggestions for improvements or topics to discuss then please let me know. In the next few weeks I'm going to be working on this project as the main thing I do in my free time so it'll hopefully become better and more professionally produced than how ad-libbed it sounds than in this episode. I had a lot of fun with this episode regardless so I hope to make a lot more podcasts soon.