Friday, October 24, 2014

How to install Million Live on your Android

Idolm@ster's second mobile social game Million Live! was recently released as a downloadable app for androids. Since I've been asked on how to install it onto your android device from overseas, here is a quick guide on how to do that.

Why use the app?

Other than not having to use the GREE website and not having the game played in a web browser, it's virtually the same. Some people (like me) prefer to have playable apps downloaded directly to their phone.

Edit: Ok I'm told there are a few differences such as loading times, added BGM, and app version always has the GREE bar at the top.

Things you need:

1. A Gree account
2. A VPN service for PC/Mac

Gree Account

Make a Gree account however you wish. You can easily do so via installing the gree app. English account is fine:


A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to access region locked content by connecting to a proxy server. Think of it as wearing a mask to make you look Japanese ( ゚∀゚). There are several VPN services out there and of course the better ones may cost money to use but there are a handful of free ones that get the job done as well. The simplest and most efficient one I've come across is SoftEther so let's go with that.

Install the appropriate softether client for your PC or Mac.

Open the program and double click on VPN Gate Public VPN Relay Servers

On the list of servers, select and connect to any of the ones that say Japan.

If you get this dialog box then you're properly connected to a Japanese IP address. If something fails, try another server from Japan.

Before you can download Million Live or any other Japanese region locked app to your android device, log out of your Google account. Next you're going to need to clear your cache/cookies linked to your Google account on the browser you wish to use to download from.

Once finished head over to the Million Live app page on the Google play store here:

Log into your Google account. If everything was done correctly you should be allowed to install the app to your phone device. If it says that the app is not available for your region, restart again from VPN step. If it still doesn't work, try connecting to another server as sometimes SoftEther can connect you to a totally different region despite saying Japan. Otherwise this should be all you need to install Million Live or any other Japan locked app to your android device.

Once the app finishes downloading to your device, select it and log in via the top option (GREEにログイン). It should automatically detect your Gree account if you have one installed to your android already.

If the game was successfully installed you can disconnect from the VPN on your PC/Mac. You won't be needing to use it again unless you wish to install a different game as well. Now you're all ready to spend your savings on gambling for rare cards. Enjoy!

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