Thursday, July 14, 2016

An Update! Also, I'm Starting a Video Podcast!

Heya! It's... been over a year since I've logged into my blog it seems. Real life has definitely caught up with me and I haven't had the chance to post in-depth reports about the events I've attended like I used to. Well, that's partially true. I've gone to a lot of events since the last post I made but when I return home from them I think "I should probably blog about this". Before I know it days turn into weeks which turn into months and it already becomes time to go to the next event so I end up deciding there isn't a need to report about old events any longer. Basically, I've gotten a little lazy. If you've been waiting for me to report on some of those things I never got around to though, I'm truly sorry!

Today however I'm doing something very different than I usually do and am trying out talking on camera. I'm not used to doing this kind of thing and my equipment is quite outdated for today's standards so please bare with me for the time being. When I'm not eventing I'm working and when I'm working I'm thinking about eventing so this video podcast series is meant to share some of those thoughts and my experiences within the im@s scene as an eventer and fan. If this sort of thing may interest you then please give a watch, I only expected this to be an introduction but before I knew it I wound up talking for 47 minutes orz

Exciel_Co_LOG!! Episode 01

I'm not as good of a speaker as I'd like to be and I only realized the issues with audio and lighting after I recorded it. I was thinking of not uploading it at all but well... I talked for 47 minutes. I'll work harder to make sure the next episode will be greater quality!

(Co is short for 心, but it can mean whatever you want it to mean. I stole this from Eriko)

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  1. Hey! Wasn't too sure if I should leave my own thoughts/feedback here, Youtube, or via twitter; in the end I decided here since it seems more suitable for long form writing.

    As someone that's been a fan of iM@S dating back to 2007, it's always interesting to hear how other people got into it and what their experiences have been like being in the thick of the fandom. Compared to the "Better Know a Producer" series on HPT and the HPT podcast itself, I think these sort of uncut videos help people understand the kind of person you are and the various thought processes you have when it comes to something you really care about--like iM@S.

    In terms of general feedback I will say that the video wasn't very rambly, since you caught yourself from going too far down a tangent, all of which will definitely make for good future topics (I'd watch all those, to be honest). You also already commented on the A/V side of things, which isn't that big a deal. The audio is fine, but the camera just needs a forced brightness instead of trying to auto fix itself due to the live in the background. The BGM and the aforementioned live playing were both nice touches for the overall presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed listening/watching all 47 minutes of it, so I really appreciate you sharing it instead of scrapping it due to issues!

    To recount my own journey as of late: I may have been a fan since '07, but I always felt alone in that fandom. Alone in the sense that despite knowing many P's through the internet and doing all sorts of simul-watching of niconamas and lives, I ultimately was still in a room by myself. It wasn't until this last Anime Expo where I was finally able to revel in the visceral camaraderie of being a P. While it may not be like going to 10th or CG/ML3rd, all those years of doing calls in my room actually paid off by being able to do them alongside so many people that care just as much, if not more. It was at that point where I finally felt, and understood, I was a part of something much bigger than I thought. A moment worthy of calling myself a 'real' P, haha.